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    Women’s suits

    Accordingly, selected elegant suits made of the highest quality materials, perfectly emphasize the benefits of the figure. It is JEISONI who offers exquisite designer clothing with a good price. In JEISONI shop you can buy a women's suit in the original colors. All clothes are made with great attention to detail. JEISONI offerings include evening and elegant designs. The most fashionable products are distinguished by original prints, exquisite details or contrast stitching.


    How to choose women's suits?

    Costumes are a great alternative for women who don't like dresses.

    This outfit is becoming increasingly popular. In line with the latest trends, JEISONI designers have come up with great fashion offers that will satisfy the most exquisite tastes.

    We have some suggestions for you to help you find the right image:

    • White outfit is a great option for the summer. Models with flowers will appeal to romantic ladies and lovers of gentle images.

    • Exclusive, dark blue in classic style is the hit of the season.

    • Red formal suits will help create a look that will impress your colleagues.

    • A warm shade of blue or gentle beige, surrounded by bright accessories, emphasizes feminine beauty.


    A wide selection of costumes is available at JEISONI Shop

    Fashionable women's suits, created by a professional team of JEISONI designers, are characterized by high quality, variety of colors and patterns. You will find clothes of different designs and styles that will certainly help you to emphasize the features of your figure. If you need such women's suits, Lviv invites you to the JEISONI shop. You can also shop online at the site.

    High quality of JEISONI suit’s fabrics are the key to great comfort. Hundreds of women are convinced of this, so they buy clothes from Ukrainian designers again and again. We also invite you to choose a good outfit for everyday wear or for a special event. We'll help you find the one that works best for you.

    Model: 2209-1993-0004
    12 260.00 UAH
    Suit Verity Suit Verity
    Sold Out
    Model: 2086-1819-1066
    11 560.00 UAH
    Suit Gia Suit Gia
    Sold Out
    Model: 2086-1993-0014
    12 340.00 UAH
    Model: 2011-1877-0063
    11 760.00 UAH
    Model: 2086-1993-0004
    11 200.00 UAH
    Model: 2202-1932-2206
    10 000.00 UAH
    Model: 2015-1932-2205
    8 400.00 UAH
    Model: 1933-1932-2113
    9 100.00 UAH
    Suit Mona Suit Mona
    Sold Out
    Model: 2116-2129-1877-0063
    12 240.00 UAH
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